Plant Day 18 May
Plants are fascinating

From one little seed, planted into soil, many green lives can arise – from small herbs up to big trees, or from ornamental flowers to substantial crops which all animals and mankind need to survive on this planet. Plant biologists estimate the total number of plant species roughly to be about 250,000. On the back of this coordinated activity we hope to plant again many virtual and constantly germinating seeds in the collective mind of the European and World Public that plant science is of critical significance to the social and environmental landscape now and in future.


Plant Day 2022 in Serbia!

Sep 25, 2022 -

In Serbia, twenty events were organized from March to June for Fascination of Plants Day. What is so magical in the world of Nepeta: the scent or looks of flowers? What do plants give us – the benefit of plant in vitro culture? Who can find a flower beautiful and why? A set of events […]

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SLU together with the Linnaean center for Plant biology in Uppsala offered various activities about plants for both kids and adults under FoPD 2022

Aug 01, 2022 -

In Uppsala, Fascination of Plants Day 2022 was celebrated in conjunction with the birthday of Linnaeus in the beautiful Linnaeus garden in the city centre. About 6000 visitors took part in an extensive program ranging from dance exhibitions with clothes from the 18th century to tours around the garden with a guide acting as Linnaeus. […]

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Thanks to Ukraine for joining FoPD 2022 despite dramatic circumstances!!

Jul 28, 2022 -

🙏A huge THANK YOU to Ukraine for joining Fascination of Plants Day 2022👏 Despite dramatic circumstances, the State Dendrological Park «Olexandria», NAS of Ukraine in Bila Tserkva, Municipal Establishment “Kharkiv Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy” of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Institute of Hydrobiology, NAS of Ukraine and Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics, NAS of Ukraine in Kyiv […]

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Czech Republic highlights two workshops organised at the Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR for kids and adults under FoPD 2022

Jul 28, 2022 -

On Saturday, May 21, two workshops took place at the Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR in Czech Republic, as part of the Fascination of Plants Day 2022. The first was for children and the second for adults. The common theme of both of them was a demonstration of growing plants in laboratory conditions. Scroll […]

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Fascination of Plants Day 2022 – over 785 events online! You are welcome to organize more events in summer / autumn 2022

Jun 24, 2022 -

We are happy to share with you the success you and plant scientists across the world already made possible with over 785 events in 54 countries which have been uploaded on the Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) website  . The peak was on the 18th May, with interactive events spreading into summer an autumn 2022.   […]

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Fascination of Plants Day 2022 – Over 358 events available and more to come! Find your event to attend or organise one

May 16, 2022 -

For 2022, 56 countries joined the 6th edition of the worldwide event Fascination of Plants Day to offer over 358 plant-based outreach activities for all interested people from toddlers to grandparents. More events will come as they can be organized six months around its peak on 18 May 2022.   All information about this plant […]

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