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Plant Day 18 May
Plants are fascinating

From tiny seeds planted in the soil, an array of wondrous green possibilities can arise – from small herbs to big trees, from decorative flowers to substantial crops which nourish all animals and mankind giving continued life to our amazing planet. Plant biologists estimate the total number of plant species to be approximately 250,000. Through our coordinated plant day campaign across the globe, we hope to nurture many virtual and constantly germinating seeds in the collective minds of the public worldwide with a compelling message that plant science is of critical importance to the social and environmental landscape now and in the future.


Just one month to go till Fascination of Plants Day 2024!

Apr 18, 2024 -

As the vibrant tapestry of spring blooms around us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are reminded of the intricate beauty and essential role of plants in our lives. With just one month left until the official Fascination of Plants Day on May 18th, it is time to prepare to celebrate the plants that sustain our […]

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How to Report Your Fascination of Plants Day Event: Capturing the Magic of #plantday

Apr 11, 2024 -

To all organisers of events during the seventh Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) campaign from March to November 2024: firstly, congratulations on taking part in the global phenomenon that is Fascination of Plants Day across 63 countries! If you have already successfully hosted or are about to host your Fascination of Plants Day event, this […]

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Fascination of Plants Day gains momentum worldwide with over 100 events already scheduled

Apr 04, 2024 -

Celebrating the Beauty and Importance of Plant Life on a Global Scale: Over 100 events have already been posted on our website, with many more expected in the coming weeks. Scheduled to take place around May 18th, Fascination of Plants Day is a global initiative aimed at celebrating the beauty and significance of plant life. […]

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50 Days until Fascination of Plants Day on May 18th!

Mar 28, 2024 -

As the countdown to this year’s celebration of Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) continues, National Coordinators and event organisers are gearing up for what promises to be the most extensive and engaging campaign yet. With just 50 days remaining until the official #plantday on May 18th, excitement is building among plant enthusiasts worldwide. One of […]

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National Coordinators mobilise plant enthusiasts worldwide for Fascination of Plants Day 2024

Mar 21, 2024 -

In anticipation of the upcoming Fascination of Plants Day less than two months away on May 18th, 2024, National Coordinators recently met online to prepare for Fascination of Plants Day by discussing digital promotion techniques to galvanise the international plant science community and encourage the organisation of diverse events leading up to the celebration. With […]

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Botanical Watercolours to celebrate April in Portugal🌺

Mar 12, 2024 -

One of the first Fascination of Plants Day 2024 events will take place in Barreiro, Portugal on Saturday, 6 April 2024 🌟 In the month in which the “50 years of Freedom” will be celebrated in Portugal, the Centro de Educação Ambiental (CEA) is organising an activity on painting of plants from the ‘Mata da […]

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