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Events will be held worldwide on and around the international Fascination of Plants Day on 18th May 2019. There are a great many events due to take place across the globe. We are keen to spread the word about FoPD events in each country so that everyone can join us in sharing in and spreading the fascination of plants. Please send use news of your upcoming FoPD events to publish here or in our newsletter and on our social media channels.

Embracing the power of nature – BASF engagement in the Fascination of Plants Day 2019

Feb 11, 2019 - Category 1.

Protecting agricultural biodiversity has always been a priority for BASF. In August 2018 BASF expanded its portfolio and is now offering seeds alongside seed solutions as well as being involved in plant breeding R&D. By investing in plant breeding innovation BASF is providing solutions that are relevant for consumers and society. We combine economic success […]

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