The Rich Flora Diversity of CNSC-LABO Campus


We are excited to share these amazing videos from Camarines Norte State College (CNSC), who has been a partner and sponsor of EPSO’s Fascination of Plants Day. For this year’s celebration, let us visit, explore and be captivated by the rich flora diversity of CSNC-LABO campus.


The rich diversity of fauna at CNSC campus. The campus is more than 50 hectares devoted to instruction and research. The video was taken inside the campus’ mini forest.


The Nature Walk
The Bicol Natural Park is the only lowland dipterocarps forest in the Philippines located in the Northern tip of Luzon. It is also the home of over 190 wildlife species. It is considered as a watershed area for the fact that 70% of the forest edge communities depend on the ground water being supplied by the natural watershed.


Gardening Tips and Ideas
Presented by Dr. Marissa N. Estrella of the Bicol University. She is a Plant Pathologist and an avid plant enthusiast.