Start planning your event for FoPD 2024!


Get ready to celebrate the wonders of the plant world! 2024 is an official Fascination of Plants Day year and we are thrilled at the prospect of the biggest Fascination of Plants Day ever. With over 60 countries participating, FoPD 2024 promises to be a global celebration that invites communities to explore, appreciate, and engage with the beauty and significance of plants.

March to November 2024 Plan your events for anytime during this nine month window. This extended timeframe allows you to plan and host activities that align with your community’s schedule and interests. Whether it is a botanical workshop, a nature walk, or a plant-themed art exhibition, the possibilities are endless!

#PlantDay on 18th May 2024 The pinnacle of the celebration will be on #PlantDay taking place on 18th May 2024. Around this day in May, communities worldwide will unite to showcase their love for plants and emphasize the vital role they play in our lives. It is the perfect opportunity to organize an event that captures the essence of plant fascination.

Event Planning Companion The PR toolbox on this website and the graphic below will assist you in creating a memorable and impactful event. These resources offer creative ideas to help you through the planning process and kickstart your event planning journey!


Get Involved and Make a Difference Fascination of Plants Day is a chance for communities to come together, learn, and appreciate the green world that surrounds us. Your event can make a significant impact, fostering a deeper connection between people and plants while promoting environmental awareness.

Start planning your event today and join us in making Fascination of Plants Day 2024 an unforgettable celebration!

For further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to your National Coordinator listed on the Countries webpage of this website and follow us on X twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s grow the excitement together!