FoPD 2021 – UK/ Short video ‘Like unto each yet none alike3’ introducing the artist Rob Kesseler


Sawfly orchid section – Copyright: RobKesseler

The title of the video ‘Like unto each yet none alike3′ is a line taken from the poem The Metamorphosis of Plants by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from his book of the same name. From his investigation into plant form he envisioned a more holistic way of experiencing nature in which plants are experienced both symbolically and scientifically, beyond the detached classification of the Linnean system. The video presents a succession of pollen grains, seeds and plant details that appear in a continuous stream, each fusing with the next, a lineage of “supersensuous archetypes”.

Access the video at anytime (13mins 22secs)


Professor Emeritus, Rob Kesseler,, +44 7931541417,


Rob Kesseler, Papadakis Publisher