First FoPD 2019 patronage is in Slovakia!


Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) 2019 has its first patronage! In Slovakia the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic will take the patronage (bulwark) of the Fascination of Plant’s Day. The Research Institute of Plant Production are preparing a big event – an open day – on 23th of May 2019, where they will fascinate all their visitors with plants and their role in human life. An event worthy of patronage! Congratulations to Slovakia and the Research Institute of Plant Production.

Last FoPD in 2017 there were 5 National patronages; Austrian Federal Minister, Czech Minister, Slovak Republic Minister and 2 German Federal Ministers! So, we can expect more patronages to come for FoPD 2019. If you are organising an event or are a National Coordinator, why not contact key figure in your country for a patronage. We look forward to seeing who you get.