Fascination of Plants Day 2024 on the launch pad & ready for lift off!


🚀 Get ready to be amazed by the wonders of plants 🌻🌱🌺Join us for Fascination of Plants Day 2024 taking place from 1 March to 30 November with the official day on 18th May. Dive into the world of plants and plant science and discover their beauty and importance. Here’s what’s in store:

🔍explore & participate in interactive demonstrations at participating institutions worldwide showcasing the wonders of plant science

🎨engage in hands-on activities like botanical art workshops and plant-themed crafts

🧑‍🏫attend insightful talks & seminars on plant biology, conservation & sustainability

🌳take guided tours of botanical gardens & arboretums, & marvel at the diversity of plant life

🎯join in fun & games about plants for all ages

📸share your plant enthusiasm with the world via this website & social media #PlantDay & inspire others to appreciate the significance of plants 😁

Stay tuned on this website for the growing list of events across the globe, get involved and even organise your own Fascination of Plants Day event 🤩🌟