Fascination of Plants Day 2022 Success Stories – Celebrating plants of the future with Norfolk!


Photo credit: Stephen Bornemann

Our partner from England, Norwich Research Park (Norwich), has welcomed several hundreds of members of the public at their open day entitled “Plants of the Future” on Saturday, 21 May 2022. During the event, “visitors could get involved with hands-on stalls and exhibits, a plant disease trail around the Park, biodiversity tours, and an exhibition of scientific photographs on the theme of Plant Health.”

According to Norwich, the Sainsbury Laboratory has been studying “plant pathogens and the plant immune system” for several decades now. For them, there’s always a surprise when it comes to plants even to researchers with decades of experience. The event had about 80 enthusiastic volunteers from across their institutes happily displaying their research with around 630 visitors from Norfolk.

Norwich conducted a survey about the event and here are some of what they said about Plants of the Future event.

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Interesting and surprisingly entertaining. It was great chatting with experts that could communicate complex idea simply and with enthusiasm. Very inspiring!”

“Outreach to the community at large is very important, especially at a time when science can make such a vital difference to our uncertain future – and when science/scientists are frequently misunderstood.”

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We welcome you to join us in future Fascination of Plants Day events! Get organizing events in your country and keep tweeting about plants. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!