“Fantastic week: the charm of plants from root to shoot” for FoPD 2020 in Chile


The Laboratory of molecular biology and genetic engineering of University of Chile participated to Fascination of Plants Day 2020 with its initiative called “Fantastic week: the charm of plants from root to shoot”.

Picture by @lorettoripetti (Instagram)

Everyday from May 18 to May 22, the Faculty of Science published on Instagram @lablnorambuena very interesting facts on a particular subject about the world of plants.

Check below one or two examples. To see them all, go the Instagram @lablnorambuena.

Planta Con Ciencia has also organised an activity for FoPD 2020 that you can check on Instagram @plantaconciencia

From Instagram @plantaconciencia

Planta Con Ciencia is a scientific initiative seeking to develop new knowledge to increase plant tolerance against climate change effects.