Welcome to the latest Fascination of Plants Day news and events!

Events will be held worldwide on and around the international Fascination of Plants Day on 18th May 2022. There are a great many events due to take place across the globe. We are keen to spread the word about FoPD events in each country so that everyone can join us in sharing in and spreading the fascination of plants. Please send us news of your upcoming FoPD events to publish here or in our newsletter and on our social media channels.

Fascination of Plants Day 2022 – over 785 events online! You are welcome to organize more events in summer / autumn 2022

Jun 24, 2022 -

We are happy to share with you the success you and plant scientists across the world already made possible with over 785 events in 54 countries which have been uploaded on the Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) website  . The peak was on the 18th May, with interactive events spreading into summer an autumn 2022.   […]

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Fascination of Plants Day 2022 – Over 358 events available and more to come! Find your event to attend or organise one

May 16, 2022 -

For 2022, 56 countries joined the 6th edition of the worldwide event Fascination of Plants Day to offer over 358 plant-based outreach activities for all interested people from toddlers to grandparents. More events will come as they can be organized six months around its peak on 18 May 2022.   All information about this plant […]

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Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) 2022 has its first two patronages!

Mar 21, 2022 -

In Slovakia the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic will take the patronage (bulwark) of the Fascination of Plant’s Day. Also, in Czech Republic, the Minister of Agriculture, Ing. Zdeněk Nekula, is supporting Fascination of Plants Day 2022. Congratulations to both countries and their National Coordinators for these patronages! Last FoPD […]

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InnCoCells: an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project developing safe and sustainable plant‑derived cosmetic ingredients with scientifically proven effects

Feb 24, 2022 -

Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years and many early cosmetics were naturally occurring minerals or extracts from plants, such as castor oil and rose water. More recently, synthetic cosmetic ingredients have become more popular, but these are derived from petrochemical sources and come at a huge environmental cost. Another problem in the cosmetic […]

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Fascination of Plants Day 2022 is officially launched! Join us by organizing interactive events engaging the public around the 18 May 2022 or as a participant

Dec 16, 2021 -

The fascinating world of plants will be once more in the spotlight thanks to the celebration of the sixth Fascination of Plants Day on and around May 18th 2022. This coordinated activity aims to plant virtual and constantly germinating seeds in the collective mind of people, recalling that plant science is of critical significance to […]

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Fascination of Plants 2021 in Ege University, Izmir, TURKEY

Oct 04, 2021 -

On 18 May 2021, several succesfull scientist from five different universities presented their studies on broadrange of plant science from plant genome editing tools to phylogeograpical studies to capture attention of students on plant science. A virtual tour of Ege University Botanical Garden was also included to fascinate atendees with plants. Access the event:  […]

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