Belgique, België

National Coordinators
Maarten Houben
KU Leuven Plant Institute
Fascination of Plants Day

La septième édition du “Fascination of Plants Day” (FoPD 2024) sera organisée dans le monde entier, à l’initiative de l’EPSO (European Plant Science Organisation).

De zevende editie van de “Fascination of Plants Day” 2024 (FoPD 2024) zal opnieuw getrokken worden door plantenwetenschappers van over de hele wereld, onder de paraplu van de European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO).

Le but de cette manifestation est de mobiliser un maximum de personnes fascinées par les plantes et porteuses du message de l’importance de la recherche en biologie végétale pour l’agriculture et la production durable de nourriture, pour l’horticulture, la foresterie, la production d’énergie, de bois, de papier, et de molécules utiles à l’industrie chimique ou pharmaceutique. Le rôle des plantes dans la conservation de l’environnement est aussi un message clé.


Het doel van dit initiatief is om wereldwijd zoveel mogelijk mensen enthousiast te maken voor plantenen plantenwetenschap in dienst van de landbouw, de duurzame productie van voedzaam voedsel, de tuinbouw, de bosbouw en de productie van plantaardige non-food-producten zoals papier, hout, chemicaliën, energie en geneesmiddelen. Ook de rol van planten bij milieubehoud willen we mee uitdragen.


Tout le monde est bienvenu pour participer !

Belgique, België
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Well-Being programme in Meise Botanic Garden: Green at Heart – Qi Gong Workshop
Un programme Bien-Être au Jardin botanique de Meise : À cœur au VERT - Stage de Qi Gong
Meise Botanic Garden

We’ve always known it, and science confirms it: even brief immersion in natural environments has a positive impact on our well-being. How could it be otherwise? Our species has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years as an intrinsic strand in the web of life, and the story of evolution is written in our cells.
In our techno-industrial societies, we experience a disconnect between the living world and ourselves: we suffer from “Nature Deficit Disorder”, often without even realising it, absorbed as we are in our screens and devices…
Engaging body and soul with all our senses in a living environment boosts our immunity, soothes stress and anxiety, reduces hyperactivity and hypertension, and encourages attention, concentration and inspiration…
The Botanic Garden Meise is, in essence, the ideal place to restore this connection and rediscover, lurking deep within us, those profound Roots that link us to the great family of the Tree of Life.
As the seasons go by, that’s what we’re offering you in our new “Well-being in the Garden Programme”, which we’re launching on Fascination of Plants Day 2024, with a Qi Gong 2-day course focused on Trees.

Qi Gong is a Chinese energy art whose roots go back over 5000 years.
By synchronising gentle movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness, Qi Gong helps to restore, harmonise, fluidify and enrich our vital energies. It offers us the chance to cultivate health, emotional balance and a calm mind. As we practise, an inner smile settles over us.
What makes this discipline so special is that it aims to bring us into harmony with our environment and the energetic dynamics of the seasons. In this way, Qi Gong trains us to live in presence, in full awareness of ourselves and our surroundings: it restores and maintains our link with the Living.


Photo credit: Nathalie Frennet

Meise Botanic Garden
Nieuwelaan 38 - 1860 Meise - BELGIUM
Valérie Charavel