National Coordinators
Arlene Alegre
Camarines Norte State College, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Talobatib
Fascination of Plants Day

The seventh international “Fascination of Plants Day” around 18 May 2024 will be launched by plant scientists across the world under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO).

The goal of this activity is to get as many people as possible around the world fascinated by plants and enthused about the importance of plant science for agriculture and sustainable production of nutritious food, as well as for horticulture, forestry and the production of plant-based non-food products such as paper, timber, chemicals, energy and pharmaceuticals. The role of plants in environmental conservation is also a key message.

Events organized in 2022
May 18
May 26

Be the director, leading actor/actress, camerman & producer of your own movie and win one of our cash prizes!

The ERA- Net SusCrop is launching a video contest to actively involve EVERYBODY from across the world to reflect, communicate and inspire on ‘what sustainable crop production means to you?’.

The competition is open to EVERYBODY and is supposed to activate multiple groups: school children, students, scientists, farmers/farmer-groups, and any person/group of random enthusiasts, artists (film, circus, music, digital/installation art, …), architects, social media/communication workers, etc.

KEYWORDS to inspire: sustainability, resilience, agriculture, forestry, ecology, crop production, crops, plants, science, nature, climate change, the future

However, we invite any kind of video: be original, think out-of-the-box! What does sustainability in the area of crop production mean to you? How should agriculture look like in the future? Do you practice sustainability procedures in growing crops or ornamental plants in your environment (e.g. your garden or balcony)?

More information on the different categories, prizes, eligibility conditions and selection criteria can be found on:

We look forward to receiving your video!


May 25
May 31
Bicol’s Pride: From Fruits to Mangrove
Bicol's Pride: From Fruits to Mangrove
Daet, Camarines Norte
handsonactivities presentation

May 25, 2022

Four presentations were conducted featuring four speakers from two Universities and two government agencies.

Dr. Marissa N. Estrella presented postharvest technologies of Pili nut. An endemic nut in the Bicol Region.

Ma. Christina F. Campita shared information on Queen Pineapple Industry

Ms. Julie Ann D. Ibasco, CDOII  and Dr. Roberto A. Alaban discussed: The Mangrove Ecosystem

Presentation was via ZOOM and Fb Live so that we can accommodate more viewers.

May 31,2022

A mangrove exploration and mangrove planting was conducted with faculty and staff  together with the College president and a Regional Director from the Commission of Higher Education.

Camarines Norte State College
F. Pimentel Ave. Daet Camarines Norte
Arlene C. Alegre
May 24
May 25
Bicol’s Pride: From Fruits to Mangrove
Ang Pinagmamalaki ng Bikol: Mula sa mga prutas hanggang bakawan
Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte
guidedtour presentation

We will be celebrating  on a later date (May 24&25) which is after our National Election.

For this year’s event, we will be featuring two crops our Region is widely known-the PILI nut and Queen Pineapple and our flourishing mangrove.  This will be on the second day where we will be having 4 speakers from different Universities in the Region to talk on 4 different topics.

Our first day activity will be a Mangrove exploration and mangrove tree planting.

Camarines Norte State College
F. Pimentel Ave. Daet, Camarines Norte
Arlene C. Alegre