May 18
May 18
Kitchen Garden Competition:Celebrating Fascination of Plants with Mwiki Secondary’s 4K Club!
Kitchen Garden Competition:Celebrating Fascination of Plants with Mwiki Secondary's 4K Club!

In celebration of Fascination of Plants Day, we hosted an exhilarating kitchen garden competition in collaboration with the Mwiki Secondary 4K Club. The event was a vibrant showcase of creativity and agricultural skills, as students transformed ideas of kitchen gardens into flourishing garden sections brimming with a variety of vegetables. The competition was fiercely contested, with each team demonstrating innovative planting techniques and sustainable gardening ideas. Our principal and teachers provided unwavering support throughout the event, offering guidance and encouragement to all participants. The best teams were honored with special prizes, recognizing their outstanding efforts and dedication to promoting the beauty and importance of plants. The day was a resounding success, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature among the students and reinforcing the joy and benefits of gardening.

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